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Xbox Boss Wants Gamers To Be Proud That Windows Is A Microsoft Product

"Spencer dropped that quote this week speaking with reporters following the major Windows 10 conference. He said he hopes Windows 10 can usher in a new era for gaming where Xbox and Windows have a "symbiotic" relationship, one where titles aren&#"

This is where Window 10 comes in. While there will be hurdles to overcome, such as input (keyboard and mouse vs. controller), Spencer is enthusiastic about the potential for Windows and Xbox to work together like never before, benefiting the player in all new ways.

"So I look at the opportunity to make Windows gaming and Xbox gaming kind of symbiotic with one another," he said. "And try to grow the number of people that are connected and the amount of content that's available on both platforms--[I feel is] a huge opportunity. I don't feel that there's some kind of financial motivation for me to keep things off of PC. At the Microsoft level, clearly that's not true. And in the Xbox side, I want Xbox gamers to be proud that Windows is a Microsoft product and Xbox is a Microsoft product. So I think we'll be able to thread the needle and do both."

Also during his time with reporters, Spencer spoke about how he sees gaming being a critical component of Windows 10's success overall.

"I will tell you, for the company, if we just want to get to the company level, success of Windows 10 is critically important to this company," he said. "And gaming will be a very important part of success for Windows 10."

Spencer said he has nothing but love for the Xbox console business of Microsoft--not a surprising statement, given the fact he runs all of gaming at the company. But, he said gaming on Windows has the potential to reach more users, given the much larger scale of Windows compared to Xbox.

"I love the Xbox business that we run. I love the console," he said. "But if you just look at scale inside of Microsoft of Xbox One/console [and] Windows, I don't think anybody would be fooled to think that the console somehow outweighs what we do there."

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Posted on Jan 24, 2015


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