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New 3DS XL Review

"Nintendo's always given people choices when it comes to handhelds, so it comes as no surprise to see new 3DS models on the horizon. Yet, the introduction of Nintendo's New 3DS and New 3DS XL feels different, probably because it's more than "

For the first time since I started using a 3DS four years ago, I feel not just comfortable, but excited when using the stereoscopic 3D feature, and it's all thanks to one seemingly simple addition that makes a big difference. By installing a second camera above the New 3DS' top screen, the system detects your relative position and adjusts the 3D effect accordingly. Older 3DSs all had a fixed sweet spot, and if you weren't positioned correctly, the 3D effect would go out of focus all too easily, and more than likely, your finger would quickly put the 3D slider into the "off" position. Nintendo's camera-based solution works so well that you need to move the New 3DS into a nonsensical position to lose sight of the 3D effect. It's such a drastic improvement over previous models that once you see it in action, it's impossible to go back to the 3D of old. If you tended to turn off the 3D effect in the past because it was inconsistent and frustrating, you'll be amazed by how well the New 3DS handles the effect and how good games can look with 3D on full blast.

The New Inputs

All of the inputs from the Circle Pad Pro are built into New 3DS XL

Posted on Jan 24, 2015


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